About SentBySanta


With over 200,000 personalized Santa letters sent to children all over the world in the passed years, SentBySanta.com works to provide each and every one of our customers with the best possible products and customer service.

SentBySanta strives to craft Santa letters with an authentic feel that would appeal to both children and adults alike. Each letter is personalized to include the recipient's name and town as well as a postmark from the North Pole for a genuine feel of the Christmas and Holiday season spirit.

Here at SentbySanta, we work to reinforce children's faith in Santa Claus with our letters from the North Pole. Our Santa letters and postcards are distributed to encourage children to be good in order to stay on Santa's nice list and receive these personal messages from Santa himself.

Ordering Santa letters from SentbySanta is easy. All you need to do is fill in the details of your recipient in mind and those details will go directly into your customized letter. Then, we print the letter and package it along with an authentic postmark from the North Pole to go with the envelope. The letter or letters that you order will arrive by Christmas just in time for your loved ones.

Santa's Letter Process
So how exactly can you order a customized Santa letter for your loved ones this Christmas? Find out here. In just three easy steps, your family and friends can receive a personalized letter from Santa!

Santa's Mailbag
Read the letters that children all over the world have sent Santa after receiving his letters for Christmas.

How Santa Does It – North Pole Letters
How exactly does Santa send out his letters from the North Pole? Read about what Santa and his Holiday team, the elves and reindeer, go through to get these letters out to you.

Christmas Experience
What makes the Christmas and Holiday season so significant? Our Christmas tale conveys the importance of Christmas spirit and a child’s belief in Santa Claus.