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Make someone smile with a letter from Santa
Children all over the world are being surprised this year with our custom-made Santa letters. What could be more remarkable for a young child than a letter from Santa Claus himself! The personalized letters from Santa are written with your child’s name, hometown, and whichever details you would want to include for the ideal letter from Santa that is sure to make them smile and love the Christmas experience.
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Fun for all your friends and family when orderings more letters from Santa
Letters from Santa are unique gifts for children, grandchildren, nieces,
  nephews and friends - always free shipping for all products
Santa letter printed on special customized Christmas stationary
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North pole postmark - authentic postmark from the north pole
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Ordering Santa letters is easy
  Having Santa letters sent to your home can be achieved in 2 easy steps.
All you need to do is:
   Fill in the information of the child for your custom-made letter from Santa
 Preview and confirm the order

As simple as that – your letter from Santa will be written
and sent to you before Christmas.

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Send Santa Letters to Your Entire Family

No matter what the age, your family members are sure to appreciate a special custom made letter from Santa. Want to make this year’s Christmas extra special for your loved ones? Send our Santa letters to your children, your grandchildren, your nephews, your nieces, your cousins, your friends, and whoever else you’d like to bring big smiles to
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