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What you Get with Your Children’s Santa Letters

Children’s Santa letters are a great way to send Christmas cheer and keep Santa Claus alive in their imaginations. There are many benefits of ordering either a child Christmas letter or postcard!

  • The cost of a personalized Christmas letter is only $9.95! You can either use one of our templates and customize small personal details or write it entirely yourself. Whatever you choose, the cost remains the same. Additionally, if you order three letters, you get a fourth one free! What a great benefit for your childrens Santa letter.
  • Each childs Santa letter comes with its own North Pole postmark! This serves as a mark of authenticity for all children’s Santa letters. They will know that Santa has thought of them personally this year!
  • For an extra touch, you can add a postcard from Santa for only $4.95! This personalized postcard comes in the summer time to remind your children to be good so that Santa will reward their behavior once Christmas comes again.
  • All shipping and handling for the letters, postcards and additional gifts is free!