About Your Letters From Santa

SentbySanta.com was created in order to serve as a great, refreshingly new gift idea for the holiday season. The website will create a personalized Santa Claus Letter for your children and other family members, specifying the name, age and location of the recipient. Each letter is postmarked from the North Pole, with a postage mark to prove it. The letter can detail the events of the past year of the recipient’s life, such as that of a child, which makes it believable.

Creating magic during the holiday season for children has become a difficult task over the years. A personalized Santa Claus letter can recreate some of that magic with an authentic, believable letter from the North Pole that can even come as an answer to one that your child wrote for Santa. Parents could read the letter addressed to Santa written by their children and reply in Santa’s own hand, addressing any matters that they like. The surprise of receiving believable letters from Santa will astound them. SentbySanta.com also provides the option of ordering a postcard from Santa to come in the middle of the year to remind your child to behave because Christmas isn’t too far away, as well as offering several other gift ideas such as books and CD’s.

The website is not only targeted to children, however. With both funny and sentimental templates, and personalization options, it’s a great gift idea for family members, friends and coworkers. Each Santa Claus letter is printed on parchment-style paper and has the North Pole postage mark and amusing graphics. It makes for a great gift for everyone, and is very affordable, for only $9.95 per letter and one free if you order three.