Custom Santa Letters

Custom Santa letters are a great way to send your loved ones Christmas wishes. Rather than sending a generic Christmas card, show that you care with an additional thoughtful touch of sending a custom Santa letter!

To a child, who may still believe in old St. Nick, a custom Santa letter with a North Pole postmark and Santa’s very own signature would be a dream come true! Imagine how pleasantly surprised they would be to have a letter addressed to them personally, letting them know that Santa Claus has been thinking about them in particular. In your custom Santa letter you can include details about your child’s life that would be easily identifiable as their own. Just think of how surprised they would be to know that Santa has watched them carefully throughout the year and rewarded them for their good behavior!

Custom Santa letters aren’t only for just children! Your friends, family and coworkers would be touched to know that they are in your thoughts this holiday season. A custom Santa letter can be both humorous and lyrical, depending on your style. Send some original, custom Santa letters this year; they’re sure to be a hit!