North Pole Letters - How Santa Does It


So how exactly does Santa Claus go about sending all of these letters to good children all around the world with his busy schedule? It’s simple.

Santa clears a spot in his busy day to sit down and check his nice or naughty list. Every year, Mrs. Claus prepares a nice cup of hot cocoa for him for that very occasion. As he checks off who has been good and who has been bad for that particular year, he makes a separate list for those who have been nice and then writes them each their own individual letter from the North Pole with a magical pen that will help him write much more quickly.

After he is finished writing all of the letters, his elves help him package each letter in red and gold envelope, complete with a velvety green bow. Then each envelope is postmarked and gathered into nine separate bags – one for each reindeer. Then, nine elves are selected to guide each separate reindeer to drop off the letters at every selected household.

And that is how Santa sends his letters.