Santa’s Process


1. Santa Letter

Here’s how the ordering process works in order to send a Santa letter:

When you click on the Order Now button to fill in the necessary details of the Santa letter recipient and preview and confirm the order, you will receive an immediate order confirmation by email for your letter from Santa. Then Santa and his elves from will write and send a Santa letter that has been customized to your liking to the provided mailing address.


2. How to Send Santa Letter and Santa’s Elves Postcard

For an added Santa’s Elves Postcard to send your child, keep in mind:

Just check the box underneath the Santa letter ordering form to add a Santa’s Elves Postcard for the low-cost of $4.95 to your customized letter from Santa. With the information you already filled out about the recipient, a customized postcard will be created instantly and after you confirm your order, Santa’s elves will send the postcard to the child after the Santa letter has been sent and received.