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Santa’s Mailbag

Welcome to Santa’s Mailbag where you can see all of the mail that kids have sent to Santa after receiving a SentbySanta letter for Christmas.

Caught red-handed!

Dear Santa,

My name is Annie. I am 7 years old. Thank you for the gifts you give me. I like them very very much. I heard you with Rudolph on our chimney and you left footprints on our yard. Thank you a whole lot. See you next year!

Love, Annie

Another Christmas list for next year…

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? I am good. Thank you very much, for the nice gifts this year. Next year I want a new pair of hockey skates. I will leave you more cookies and milk.

Love, Daniel

A promise to be good…

Dear Santa,

You are very good at keeping quiet but, I know your there. I found the Nintendo Wii, you left me under my tree. Thanks for giving it to me!! It is a lot of fun, and I play with it every day, and share it with my sister. I have been very good this year, and I will be good next year too!

Love, James

Straight from Huntington, Long Island…

Dearest Mister Santa Claus,

My name is Elizabeth Amelia Carter and right now I am in the 3rd grade and I live in Huntington, Long Island. Do you remember me? I have been on your nice list for two years straight now! Well I am just writing to say thank you so much for the lovely gifts you left me in my tree. I really love them.

Yours Truly, Elizabeth Amelia Carter

Make his friends envious…

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! How are you doing? I am writing to tell you thank you for the gifts you left for my family. We are very excited this year. I especially like the hot wheels track that you bought for me. I cant wait to show it off to all of my close friends because they will be so jealous. Have a good day, Santa!

Your good friend forever, Mark